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Company History

The history of today's OSARTIS GmbH began with the founding of the Coripharm/Mebio group of companies in May 1994.

Three founders and a small team, all former employees of the pharmaceutical company E. Merck Darmstadt, including the industrial developers of the antibiotic loaded bone cements and PMMA chains, set up the development, production and sales of innovative biomaterials in Dieburg. In addition to the development and marketing of their own biomaterial products and the distribution of third-party products, these experts succeeded very early in winning global medical device companies as cooperation partners and customers. By this, they laid the foundation for the strong role as an OEM partner.

The company grew and thus became interesting for other companies. In 2000 the aap Implantate AG, a Berlin medical technology company specializing in traumatology products, acquired the Coripharm/Mebio group of companies in order to expand its portfolio. The Coripharm/Mebio group was fully integrated into the aap group in 2005 by changing its name to aap Biomaterials GmbH. In the following years, the international business with major customers was expanded significantly, so that aap Biomaterials GmbH became one of the leading cooperation and OEM partner for global medical technology companies.

After changing its strategy, the aap group decided to sell aap Biomaterials GmbH to the Italian Demetra Holding in 2016. Our company once again started the direct national and international sales of its own brands in 2017. To underline this, the company name was changed to OSARTIS GmbH in 2018.

In order to be prepared for growth under the strong umbrella of the Demetra Group, we have built a new headquarters and moved into our new premises in Münster (Hesse) in 2022.

Today, 30 years after the foundation of the company, we at OSARTIS have around 100 employees and our products are represented in more than 70 countries worldwide. We are all very proud of that.